The 4 Hour Struggle

Entrepreneurial Philosophy by Matt Aaron


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Interview with Paulo Ribeiro - E-Commerce in Brazil

Paulo Ribeiro is a Brazilian entrepreneur, writer and avid reader. I have know him for a little over a year. In that time, he has become one of the most well-connected Brazilian bloggers; especially within the English-speaking blogging community. 

Many economists believe that, despite the worldwide recession, Brazil, the 5th most populated country in the world, is thriving.

American money has been pouring into the Brazilian E-Commerce Market:

-Quinstreet is a publicly traded educational lead company out of the US. They opened an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil

-Descomplica is Brazilan SAT type education provider that Peter Thiel invested in.

#3 Bangs 1 Next Sunday, Chapter 2 - Righteously Laid

On The Case of the Fiery Grillman


Djuna secured their favorite, private, high-backed booth in the empty afternoon dining room and ordered a Manhattan up. She didn’t order for Yvonne, who rarely drank before work. Besides, with Yvonne there were always two choices: most of the time, Kentucky whiskey, Maker’s Mark usually, neat, water back; but when savoring life, Remy warm in a snifter.

Fishing a cigarette from her purse, Djuna glanced out the window and noticed the rain had stopped. Sun shining through dark clouds made new spring leaves glow like a moment from the first days of the world. If only life could change as quickly as sun emerging and you could run free of a million small decisions that had led you to become a person you had never envisioned and didn’t particularly like. Djuna figured you could do that, leave everything and move to a place where you knew not a soul, had no entanglements, no expectations, where you could invent yourself anew. It was delicious thinking, which brought an unaccustomed moment of peace. But she sensed Yvonne’s presence - they had a spooky connection that way - and turning, saw her ordering from the bar, her short black Open Door skirt hidden by the huge, ugly, gray thrift store sweater she wore to hide herself. She made her way to Djuna’s table, carrying both a double whiskey and a water back in her left hand. She kissed Djuna lightly on the lips (a thing that did not quite satisfy) and slid into the booth with a grace that Djuna envied. Yvonne said, “Funny you should call. I was thinking of giving you a Bangs. What’s happening?”

“Paul.” Djuna spread her hands wide. “I can’t decide. At least with Johnny, I know what I’m getting. I’m twenty-five. What would I do with a nineteen year old, a cook of all things?”

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