The 4 Hour Struggle

Entrepreneurial Philosophy by Matt Aaron


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On Tim Ferriss

About 2 months ago, I attended an entrepreneur's meetup in Medellin. Of the 8 of us that went, I would say that about 4 of us were really throwing down: making 5 figures in profit a month.

Now Tim Ferriss, while not the first person to live the lifestyle, is the first person that brought the idea of a location-independent lifestyle to the masses. 

When I brought his name up, I got a rather negative, unimpressed reaction.

"Oh yeah, that guy. He is a great marketer, but he talks a lot of bullshit."

"Go to body building forums and they rip his 4-Hour Body workout plans to shreds."

A faith rock, and a faith hard place


From Liddel Hart's "Why We Don't Learn From History" -

Faith matters so much to a soldier, in the stress of war, that military training inculcates a habit of unquestioning acceptance of the prevailing doctrine. While fighting is a most practical test of theory, it is a small part of soldiering; and there is far more in soldiering that tends to make men the slaves of a theory.

Moreover, the soldier must have faith in his power to defeat the enemy; hence to question, even on material grounds, the possibility of successful attack is a risk to faith. Doubt is unnerving save to philosophic minds, and armies are not composed of philosophers, either at the top or at the bottom. In no activity is optimism so necessary to success, for it deals so largely with the unknown—even unto death. The margin that separates optimism from blind folly is narrow. Thus there is no cause for surprise that soldiers have so often overstepped it and become the victims of their faith.

I think an unheralded reason for the success of Christianity and Islam is the belief that dying for the religion is the greatest possible victory. Thus, the religious warrior had a win/win position - the enemy would be destroyed, raising up his civilization; or his body would be destroyed, and he would enter paradise as a blessed martyr.

Other cultures have been able to achieve this, like the Japanese samurai culture, which too had a spirit of win/win towards combat, and dying in it.

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