The 4 Hour Struggle

Entrepreneurial Philosophy by Matt Aaron


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Resilience, Warriors, and Kobe Bryant

A few weeks ago, Kobe Bryant tore his achilles, ending his and the Lakers hopes for the season. He is out 6-9 months. He is 34 years old, and has played 17 seasons. 17 years in the NBA. Kobe entered the league at 17 years old, before most of us even finish high school or enter college.

He has been a pro for a long time and it has taken a toll on his body.

NFL's Absurd Marijuana Policy

On On Empty Thoughts

Former Denver Broncos tight end and writer, Nate Jackson said, "Virtually every single player in the NFL has a certifiable need for medical marijuana," [New York Times, 8 Sep 2014]. He confessed that he was medicated by marijuana for most of his career as a tight end from 2003 through 2008. He criticized the NFL who issues pain killers as the prescription. Almost 17,000 Americans overdosed and died from prescription painkillers in 2011, according to the most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jackson see a change in the social outlook on marijuana. He hopes the NFL, who is engaged in a violent trade, to exercise some forward thinking on the use of marijuana.

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