The 4 Hour Struggle

Entrepreneurial Philosophy by Matt Aaron


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On Tim Ferriss

About 2 months ago, I attended an entrepreneur's meetup in Medellin. Of the 8 of us that went, I would say that about 4 of us were really throwing down: making 5 figures in profit a month.

Now Tim Ferriss, while not the first person to live the lifestyle, is the first person that brought the idea of a location-independent lifestyle to the masses. 

When I brought his name up, I got a rather negative, unimpressed reaction.

"Oh yeah, that guy. He is a great marketer, but he talks a lot of bullshit."

"Go to body building forums and they rip his 4-Hour Body workout plans to shreds."

The Beginners Guide to Virtual Assisting

On Growing Up

Back in early December I knew something had to change. I was working multiple jobs for minimum wage doing things I didn’t enjoy doing. With hours that only seemed to benefit the management and with little consideration for what was best for me, I decided to try something a bit different.

While reading one of the blogs I regularly follow I came across a post on the benefits of hiring a personal assistant. The highlighted many of the different things that a personal assistant could do to help take your business to the next level; increase general productivity by doing a lot of the grunt work – leaving more creative/development time for the person who needs it. As someone who has done administrative assistant work for the last five years in various office settings I knew that this would be the best option for me. At 24 years old (and a full time college student) I finally felt like I had found my way to doing something that could provide some sort of income while continually expanding the list of things that I could be great at.

I began freelancing right around the New Year and offering different skills online as a Virtual Assistant. I had no idea what I was doing or where to start – but I figured Google was the best place – so I typed in “Virtual Assisting Jobs.” To say that I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of results and options that were presented to me is a severe understatement but with the patience and the hope that I could find a way to a better job I started clicking one by one through the links that were listed.

The thing you should know right off the bat about virtual assisting/freelancing is that there are many different paths (or websites) that can assist you in your journey to becoming a virtual assistant/freelancer. Some have higher ratings than others. Some are easy to understand and very user friendly and some are not. Some promise you continual employment others don’t. The goal is to find the site that works best for you! Reading reviews are great – but when it comes down to how you want your work environment to function – it is all up to you! (the great part about all of this)

I chose oDesk when it came to what I needed from a freelancing source. oDesk offered a lot of the things I was looking for and really caught my attention by their ease of use. ß if you have any questions about oDesk feel free to comment below and I’ll answer any questions.

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