The 4 Hour Struggle

Entrepreneurial Philosophy by Matt Aaron


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A veteran food trader told me that he knew he had "made it" when he found that a shipment of food he sold arrived to a port .. and the wood cases were contaminated with termites.

The back story is a bit long, but he was sabotaged by a competitor. At that moment, he knew he was on to something.

The initial reaction was a bit of frustration and intimidation for this costly sabotage. Yet he soon realized the silver lining of the situation: the competition was worried because they knew that he had chops. That he was a threat.

If you feel someone (or some organization) in your industry is starting to attack you, be it verbal, physical, passive/aggressive, etc., it may be really good news: they see you as a worthy adversary that has something to offer.

Don't give up because of a few termites.

Is it the low moods or the high moods that break you?


A useful exercise:

Sit, think, and consider this: when you go off a desired habit of yours, when do you usually do it?

Is it during high moods -- celebrations, victories, birthdays, holidays, parties, festivities, and happy moods?

Or is it during low moods -- anxieties, fears, doubts, losses, boredom, setbacks, and negative moods?

It's worth sitting and thinking this through. That way, you can be more vigilant during these times. If you know you tend to act stupidly, drink too much, spend money in ways you don't like, eat horribly, and treat people badly when you go to a bar when you're having a bad day... then stop going to bars when you're having bad days!

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